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“I tell you,whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me.” (Mt  25:40)


From the pioneer & secretary

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Sr. Josna Mary



By the pain and suffering, the mentally challenges of his niece, the idea was conceived by late Archbishop Most. Rev. Leobard D’Souza to explore possibility to serve for such children in Nagpur Arch Diocese in the year 1988. In the back drop of his wish he invited the competent trained and dedicated Assisi sisters of Mary Immaculate from Kerala to Nagpur Arch Diocese so as to dedicate and render yeomen serve for the cause of Mentally Challenged children in and around Nagpur. Srs. Josna and Jecinth came down to Nagpur a new place with different state and Language took the challenge in this sphere and with their active involvement it was decided to set up an institution on a piece of land in the Campus of S.F.S school Nagpur in a small dilapidated school building for this cause and named Jeevoday Special School for the Mentally Handicapped under the aegis of a society called Jeevoday Education Society registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act bearing registration No.NHA/118/92(Nagpur) under the societies registration act 1860, and No. F-9733 under Bombay Trust Act 1950, The School as such was established in the year 1989 with 17 students of various stages retardation in the age group 3 to 25 years of different caste, creed, religion and of both the sex. With the passage of time the school growth was taking place year to year. Students have been pouring for admission. The parents from distant places expected the children be admitted in the school for their up bring and development at the hands of dedicated trained sisters and staff of this school. The school has risen many fold and having strength of 350 students. Over the years, management of the school thought to trained the students in vocational areas and with this object the Prathiksha Rehabilitation Center came to be established in 2002. Jeevoday College of Special Education (MR) was blessed and inaugurated on 20th July 2009. Now by the grace of Almighty School has now come up and housed in own three storied newly constructed building completed in the year 2014, with all facilities and including indoor and out door auditorium, special class rooms, laboratories and beautiful play field in the heart of the city of Nagpur, Sadar area. Administration The school is headed by Secretary/Principal sister Josna Mary with competent staff 65 teaching and non- teaching, each one is specially trained according to their responsibility and position. This apart there are 15 trained staff members for Prathiksha Rehabilitation Center. OBJECTIVES 1. To encourage and assist the mentally retarded children in improving their mental and physical abilities and to make them self reliant and independent as much as possible and less of a burden to their families and the society at large. - To help the adult mentally handicapped men and women to acquire useful skills like Computer training, tailoring, typing, cooking, file making, phenyl making, Art and Craft, Paper bag making etc. - To help these adults to enter into to the main stream of the society along with other members of their neighborhood - To promote through awareness programs, such as seminars workshops for parents, relatives, friends to accept the mentally handicapped adults as full-fledged members of the society - By vocational training opportunity will be provided– sufficient and gainfully employment - To offer within our possibilities, job oriented training suited to their talents and skills of these adults. The children in Jeevoday are trained to be self-reliant as far as possible. For this they are given academic and communication training as well as to cope up to meet their basic needs like washing, eating, cleaning, dressing etc. We train them in vocations like file making, candle making, preparation of phenyl and embroidery work .They are also trained in sports, horticulture, health ,hygiene and yoga . We also pay attention to their moral values. The day starts for the students with half-an hour yoga with physical exercises according to their ability. Speech therapy, physiotherapy, psycho therapy, Occupational therapy, play therapy, music therapy, Dance, Multisensory and early childhood etc.. are provided according to their need and disability. According to the I.Q and ability of the students they are divided in to different groups like pre- primary, primary-1, primary-11, secondary, pre-vocational –1, pre- vocational -11, care group and vocational level. They are taken for outing very often. We teach the students communication and social skills through computer assisted training. Future plans: we love to serve & support many more Special youngsters and their parents and also bring them in main stream to give quality education and training, specially computer training. So that we need financial support from the part of Govt., Society & parents. We are looking for some suitable job placements for our students who pass out from our vocational training center to make them self sufficient & productive members of the society. We also hope for the ‘inclusive education’ for the disabled students esp. borderline & mild category. “We wish to do much for these differently abled children” Respectfully Submitted Yours Sincerely, Sr. Josna Mary Secrertary