Jeevoday College of Special Education (MR), Nagpur organized a successful three days CRE Programme from 19th January to 21st January 2017. “Intellectual Disability and                                        Associate Condition, Diagnosis and Psychological and medical Management.”

Two days National Seminar Conducted in Jeevoday for parnets, Teachers and professional on the Topic  “Parenting A Special Child and Sexual Issues in Special   Children” Resource persons was Dr. Avinash  DeSousa(Psychiatrist and psychologist)

The school activities start with prayer and assembly followed by physical exercises. According to the age and I.Q. children are divided in to different sections. Through the means of special education children are taught self help skill, fine motor skill, functional academics like reading, writing and Arithmetic, cognitive skills like number concept, shape and colour, time, money, value, measurement etc are essential for daily living. It builds up their self confidence and social skills.


Through vocational training such as Computer Education, Candle making, Handicraft, Cooking, Phenyl making, File making, Book binding, Canning, Tailoring  & Embroidery etc., we help them earn a respectable lively hood, providing opportunities and enhancing their earning capacities. Such gainful occupations are helpful for the mental health, self satisfaction and helps them gain social status.



Jeevoday Therapy Centre is fully equipped by well-trained and qualified staff. It has an Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy sections. It is proposed to have an spacious therapy section with more facilities and staff to meet the rising demand for its services.

Knowledge & Personality Enhancement

In this area we have launched our march ahead and encouraged our teachers to gain rich experience as much as possible and to enhance the modern and technological knowledge. Our staff is always trained to be up to date with the development of special field. We conducted seminars and workshop for the teachers and trainees by different eminent people.

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Medical Camps

Jeevoday school conducts regular medical camps such as eye check up, dental check up, psychological assessment  etc.

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Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Jeevoday Staff and Trainees visit the slums, villages and find out the students through the survey and give them guidance and awareness and they bring to our special school for the better education.