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Donation For School

Jeevoday Special School for Mentally Challenged Children, is a charitable Society and run by Jeevoday Education Society. Majority of our beneficiaries, whom we serve and the people living in this area are from poor and downtrodden classes, few are from lower middle and middle strata of the society. 50% of children who comes to the school are coming from the slum areas and from the very poor families. Jeevoday is on increase and due to the lack of space and additional facilities for the education and training of these our less privileged children, for their better development we are finding difficulty to enroll more children. We are trying our best level to bring them to the mainstream of the society. Though we are facing lot of financial crisis, still we are looking forward to provide facilities for our children by expecting the generosity and valuable support like you who are of people of good will and generous. MORE

Admissions Procedure

Admissions for the current year (2017-2018) are open. Kindly contact office for details

                    CRITERIA FOR ADMISSION:- 

1. Below 70 IQ and below 18 age are the criteria for school admission.

2.Above 18 age,below 70 IQ and self independency is the criteria for Prathiksha Rehabilitation Centre

3. We do not discriminate on the basis of cast, creed, color, race, religion or life style

                                 CLASS DISTRIBUTION  AGE 
Care Group Any Age
Pre-primary     3  –  6
Primary -1     7  – 10
Primary – II     9  – 14
Secondary     11 – 14
Pre-vocational 1     15 – 18
Pre-vocational -II      15 – 18
Vocational  Above 18


Annual Parents Meeting

The parents are made a part of the institution through the parents teachers meetings thrice in a year with different professionals. Parent Counselling is done on regular basis to provide emotional support, empathy and understanding. Apart from tackling misconception, guidance is also given to understand the nature of Mental retardation and the needs of special children. Every month class wise meeting is also conducted and it helps better understanding between teachers and parents to mould the students.

School Activities and Camps

The school activities start with prayer and assembly followed by physical exercises. According to the age and I.Q. children are divided in to different sections. Through the means of special education children are taught self help skill, fine motor skill, functional academics like reading, writing and Arithmetic, cognitive skills like number concept, shape and colour, time, money, value, measurement etc are essential for daily living. It builds up their self confidence and social skills.