From Pioneer’s Desk


         I am truly joyful in writing this message as ‘Jeevoday Special School for the Intellectually Disabled has completed its 32 years of devotion and compassionate love to the less privileged of mankind. The school has been spreading the language of love & kindness to flourish the intellectually disabled buds into a beautiful flower. This school not only helps the intellectually disabled child to open and expand its petals but also to bloom and spread its fragrance around. This is clearly noted by so many achievements that these Special youngsters have gained and reached at a place where they are a recognized, dignified and accepted member of the society.

            “I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me”(St. Mt 25/40), in conformity with these versus, I have been chosen to lead the way at the “Jeevoday special school for the intellectually disabled, for 30 years by rendering my experience and feelings to fulfill this mission. A mission to spread the awareness of intellectual disability and acceptance of special children and it aims to continue the same work throughout. Though we are still at the beginning of a thousand mile journey, we rejoice at the accomplishments of this mission. Let us all join together in a mission to make this place a ground of opportunities for the neglected section of the society. Just encouragement by words is not enough but actions to help, support and serve them is the key to their development and lead them to mainstream.

             “Pride makes us do things well, but it is love that makes us do things perfectly”. This year, 2020, to mark the 32 year of Jeevoday Special School, a series of special events have been planned and organized. Special Seminars for parents & teachers, Cultural and Sports Events, Art & Craft Exhibition, Drawing competition, Annual Celebration were all part of the fare for the year. 

             What we are today is because of the Providence of God and His mercy.  I am proud of our dedicated staffs who have served the School over the past thirty two years selflessly. I  take this opportunity to congratulate and thank  the Management, staff, parents, benefactors, well wishers and everyone connected directly or indirectly  for their kind support to this organization. 


Sr. Josna Mary