Other Activities

Sports & Games
Our students are involved in different sports and games according to their abilities. They are given practices daily by our P.T Masters. We are proud to share that the Jeevoday Cricket team won the all India Cricket Winners Trophy from Chandigarh , Maharashtra state award for the cricket & Table tennis conducted in Mumbai. The Jeevoday cricket team also bagged the district level trophy at Vidharbha Cricket tournament where, other 25 schools of Nagpur had participated. We have two cricket teams for juniors &seniors.

Art & Craft Exhibitions
The Adult Mentally Challenged persons are invited in many occasions to display their art and products in exhibition cum sales at different places in the city even out of State.

Picnics & Outings
As part of entertainment the entire Jeevoday family went to high land park, fun’n food and different picnic spots. Once in two years we have a long picnic with our special kids. We had a long excursion to Ooty, Mysore, Bangalore, Kerala, Delhi etc. where our children had a great chance to explore the outside world.

We have two groups of well equipped band sets and we are proud that our band set are invited to play at many occasions out side